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BA(Bachelor of Arts in English)- Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Major: English(Translation, Interpretation)


Simplified/Traditional Chinese(Cantonese, Mandarin), English

Translation Fields

E-commerce / Banking / Finance / Business / Accounting / Website / Hotel / Food / Product Catalogue / Tourism / Certificate / Manufacturing / Letters / Healthcare / Psychology / General Marketing


● China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI)-International Version

● Cambridge Business Certificate English Higher

● Cambridge Business Certificate English Vantage

● Test for English Majors-Level 8

● China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI)-Level 3 of Translating( score at 75,59)

Translation Experience

Translator (2018-now):

Bank and Finance such as foreign exchange,Exchange Traded Derivatives(ETD), funds,futures/options transaction, insurance,terms and conditions on the passbook, financial statements(e.g:balance sheet, equity,cash flow), reports, securities, articles for security agencies, etc,

Tourism: room introduction, spa service descriptions, and conference and event facility descriptions for five star-rated hotels,restaurants menus, introduction of SPA and beauty salon, tourism articles.

Healthcare: medication guides for Irinotecan, usage instructions and side effects for antibiotics, patient information leaflets for prescription medicines, and label information for over-the-counter medicines, surgical procedures for gastrostomy, postoperative patient information manuals, care manuals for cardiac patients, and management manuals or diabetes patients, maternal and infant leaflet, medical research reports, medical equipment user manuals, and healthcare service assessment reports.

E-Commerce: websites page contents, cross-board payment terms, after-sales service terms and conditions, retail items delivery regulations and rules, semiconductor policy, seller guides, product descriptions on e-commerce platforms, e-commerce laws and policies, and e-commerce operation strategies.

Product manuals such as flashlights, mobile chargers, mice, tripods, cameras, health care products, equipment, machines, household items, recorders, etc,

Psychology: Translated counseling manuals, articles on autism, and language disorders.

Certificates such as identity certificate, enrollment certificate, graduation certificate, property certificate, marriage certificate, etc

Official Letters: Translated public letters from police stations and schools, listed companiesletters to employees, healthcare institutions letters.

Manufacturing: Translated production line operation manuals, product quality inspection standards, safety operation procedures, and manufacturing process descriptions.

Consecutive/Escort Interpreter(2012-now)

Escort Interpretation: I've served as a consecutive interpreter for many factories and foreign businesses in places like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, and more. The main products involved include yoga clothing, sportswear, clothing fabric (polyester, spandex, etc.), wigs, jewelry accessories(copper,stainless steel, jade, gold, silver), beauty devices, pharmaceutical packaging capsules, LED lights, clothing, cars, handbags, ceramic sanitary ware and tiles, bathroom hardware, mosaics, wooden flooring, sports water bottles, inflatable leisure products, artificial turf, mobile phone accessories, acrylic display stands, glass products, capsule making machinery, filling machinery, injection molding machinery, printing machinery, printed paper products, plastic products, gifts, SPC stone plastic flooring, wooden furniture, home kitchenware, food, and cosmetic raw materials.

Exhibition Interpretation: I have participated in numerous exhibitions as an interpreter, primarily including the Canton Fair, Guangzhou Beauty Expo, CPhI China (in Shanghai), Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition, Guangzhou Advertising Exhibition, Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition, Shenzhen Auto Show, Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition (ELEXCON), among others.

Telephone Interpretation: I have facilitated communication between domestic enterprises and British agents on embroidery product agency cooperation, assisted exporting companies and customs officers to inquire about the customs status of goods at destination ports, and helped Guangdong contestants communicate with British TV show organizers regarding show content.

Remote Meeting Interpretation: I've provided consecutive interpretation for online remote corporate training meetings, online parent-teacher meetings, and remote machinery installation projects.



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