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Business Interpreter

The main focus of my accompanying interpretation services is to provide professional, attentive, and thorough assistance for business purposes. Here are some specific places and industries where I have accompanied foreign clients:

Factory Visits: In Guangzhou's wholesale markets, I have accompanied foreign clients to visit clothing markets, Zhongda fabric market, as well as Foshan ceramic city. Additionally, I have accompanied them to explore the sanitary ware market, furniture factories, bathroom ware factories, as well as gift and handicraft factories in Shenzhen. I am committed to offering comprehensive translation and interpretation services to ensure smooth communication between both parties.

Amusement Equipment Factory: In Jiangmen, I have accompanied foreign clients to visit an amusement equipment factory. I have helped explain the manufacturing processes, product features, and quality control aspects of the factory, enabling the foreign clients to gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

Throughout the entire accompanying process, I maintain a professional attitude, pay attention to details, and maintain effective communication with the foreign clients. I strive to ensure smooth communication, overcome language barriers, and accurately convey information. Whether it is in face-to-face meetings, factory visits, or business negotiations, I always strive to provide high-quality translation services to facilitate cooperation and communication between both parties.

The products I involved are as follows: Water purifier, Bags, Coffee Cups, Toys, Fabrics, Inflatables, Ceramics, Bathroom ware, Faucet, Glass products, Tile, Marble, Wooden door, Flooring, Stainless steel door, Furniture, Cosmetics, Paper, Plastic packaging, Automotive, Filling machines, Garments, Mobiles accessories, Medicine and more).



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