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Phone Interpretating Service

Phone Interpreting Service:

Based on the supplier's introduction, I make a phone call to a local American craft brand to discuss distribution cooperation. I am proficient in both Chinese and English interpretation and can fluently convey the discussion using professional terminology. My goal is to ensure that both parties accurately understand each other's intentions and assist in problem-solving during the distribution cooperation.

I assist a British TV documentary in discussing program details with a Chinese student's parent. Throughout this process, I conduct smooth interpretation in both Chinese and English, employing flexible interpretation techniques. I provide accurate translation services to facilitate a smooth discussion of program details, ensuring that both parties fully understand each other's opinions and requirements.

I engage in discussions with American clients regarding the registration of cosmetics in China. With my high-level proficiency in Chinese and English interpretation, I utilize my professional knowledge and experience to explore the registration processes and requirements for cosmetics during phone interpretation. By accurately conveying information and requirements from both sides, I ensure that consensus is reached and the registration process progresses smoothly.

In accordance with factory requirements, I make phone calls to contact US customs to inquire about customs clearance procedures. I possess excellent Chinese and English interpretation skills, allowing me to adeptly handle phone interpretation tasks. During communication with US customs, I accurately convey the factory's requirements and obtain the necessary information. I am dedicated to problem-solving for clients, ensuring smooth customs clearance for goods.

Whether it is business cooperation, program discussions, registration matters, or customs communication, I am capable of providing exceptional service with fluent interpretation in both Chinese and English, professional language usage, and quick response abilities. I strive to assist in problem-solving and facilitate seamless communication for clients.

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