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The Perfect Time to Visit Guangdong: A Seasonal Guide for Foreign Travelers

Guangdong Province enjoys long summers and warm winters, due to its location in the low-latitude region near the South China Sea, it has a tropical and subtropical climate. The average summer temperature is 28 degrees Celsius, and the average winter temperature is 12 degrees Celsius. Typhoons are frequent in Guangdong in summer and autumn, and the rainy season extends from April to September each year, with an annual rainfall of 1500-2000 millimeters. The Pearl River Delta region is a place where "there is no snow in winter and flowers bloom all year round". Winter and spring are the golden seasons for tourism in Guangdong.

October to December is the best season for tourism in Guangzhou. Located in the subtropics, Guangzhou has a pleasant climate in all four seasons and has the smallest annual temperature difference among major cities in China apart from Kunming. Rain is plentiful throughout the year in Guangzhou, with the rainy season extending from April to June, and typhoons often occurring from August to September.

Spring in Guangzhou is humid and rainy; summer is hot with frequent typhoons; autumn has comfortable temperatures, cool and windy, and the good weather can last until November and December, making it the most suitable for tourism; winter is slightly cold but short. In January each year, when the northern part of the country is in the midst of heavy snow and biting cold winds, Guangzhou, the "City of Flowers", will be full of spring everywhere, turning into an ocean of flowers.

In the winter and spring seasons, Guangzhou is an ocean of flowers, with vibrant colors everywhere. Good places to view flowers in Guangzhou include the South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Orchid Garden, the Western Garden Bonsai House, Yuexiu Park and the Cultural Park that hold chrysanthemum exhibitions in spring and autumn each year. In addition, Guangzhou has an annual Spring Flower Market that displays various flowers and plants, attracting many locals and tourists. The lush scenery at Furongzhang in the suburbs, the refreshing beauty of Conghua Forest Park, and the extraordinary beauty of Lotus Mountain in Panyu are all amazing places to visit.

Guangzhou's summer is hot and rainy, with occasional typhoons, so rain gear should be prepared. During the hot summer, cool water activities become the top choice. You can play water sports at Chimelong Water Park, experience various water entertainment activities at Guangzhou World, Chimelong Paradise, and Meisen Joy Camp, or go rafting at Bishui Gorge for a thrilling entertainment activity.

The autumn in Guangzhou is cool and windy. This is the best time to go shopping in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is another shopping paradise in China apart from Hong Kong, it is home to the largest and most concentrated wholesale markets in the country. Quality products at low prices, if you have time, it's worth visiting Guangzhou's wholesale markets. Even if you only buy a few items, it will be much cheaper than buying the same items in other places. Shopping can be done on famous commercial streets like Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and Beijing Road Pedestrian Street.

Spring (March to mid-May): Temperature and humidity rise, it is appropriate to wear a thin jacket or sweater.

Summer (May to mid-September): Rainy, it is advisable to carry rain gear.

Autumn (Late September to early December): A sweater and a light coat are suitable.

Winter (Mid-December to late February): The weather is cool, occasionally it is necessary to wear a coat.



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