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Zhongda fabric markets in Guangzhou city

1⃣️ Guangzhou International Light Textile City (Zhongda Subway D exit, opposite the Old Yangtze River)
The first floor mainly deals in knit fabrics, woven fabrics, and solid/striped color fabrics. The basement mainly operates accessories, various types of buttons, ornaments, patches, heat-transfer beads, laces, trims, etc. Floors 3 to 6 mainly deal in high-end fabrics. The 7th floor is a catering and leisure area.

2⃣️ Old Yangtze River International Light Textile City, Guangzhou (Zhongda Subway D exit, opposite the International Light Textile City)
Mainly dealing in: various types of woven fabrics, chiffon fabrics, floral fabrics, plush fabrics for winter, woolen fabrics, etc.

3⃣️ Zhongda Jiuzhou Light Textile Plaza (Zhongda Subway D exit, next to Wufeng Dongchang)
Mainly dealing in various fashionable women's clothing fabrics: knitted, woven, striped, Korean-style fabrics, florals, plaids, prints, etc.

4⃣️ Zhujiang International Textile City (Zhongda Subway D exit, behind the Silver Bell Plaza)
Mainly dealing on the 1st floor in various knitted and woven fabrics. The 2nd to 3rd floors are mainly fabric warehouses. The 4th to 6th floors are mainly clothing studios and clothing companies.

5⃣️ Guangzhou Yangtze River International Leather City (Zhongda Subway D exit, next to Juhai South Street)
The 1st floor mainly deals in various woven fabrics and mesh fabrics. The 2nd floor and above mainly deal in various real leathers, hat collar leathers, etc.

6⃣️ Ruikang Lace World (Zhongda Subway D exit, next to the Light Textile City)
Mainly dealing on the first floor in various laces, accessories, hat ropes, elastics, etc. The second floor mainly deals in lace, trim, fabric, etc.

7⃣️ Kang Le Nanyue New Street (Zhongda Subway D exit, next to Jiuzhou)
Mainly dealing in: a street that integrates clothing production, pattern making, printing and embroidery, clothing tags, buttonholes, washing, sewing supplies, etc.

8⃣️ Lixin Street (Zhongda Subway D exit, on the right side of the subway elevator)
Mainly dealing in: cotton-padded jackets, down jackets, trench coats, sun protection clothing, gall fabrics, etc.

9⃣️ Guangzhou Red Cotton Zhongda Gate / Light Textile Trading Park (Zhongda Subway C1 exit)
Mainly dealing in: 1-3 floors, various knit and woven fabric manufacturers and warehouses. Floors 4-7 are mostly design studios and clothing companies.



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